Eventus By Zahira


What We Did

Eventus By Zahira website highlights the versatility of custom WordPress designs, artfully combining various features and design elements. We created a modern yet elegant and romantic design targeting the company’s target audience – brides to be.

The site opens with a custom MailChimp pop-up form. The robust, wedding-themed home page features a full-width background, an introduction, functional navigation and a secure custom MailChimp contact form.

The site boast with dynamic elements creating an element of surprise and encourages user to interact. There are two testimonial sections with two separate designs. Users can post questions to the site owner and have the answers posted on the site, while receiving a personal email notification about the response. The site also features unique video and photo galleries.

The design of Eventus By Zahira blog is a completelly new concept. Inspired by fashion magazines, our client wanted to incorporate a magazine layout into her blog design. While it presented its challenges, the blog turned out great. It looks totally different from the other pages on the website, yet has the same elegant feel. It features its own header menu and multiple widgets to highlight pertinent content.

The Layout

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