Pirate Water Taxi

Custom WordPress, Ticketing, Weather Report

Custom WordPress Development

Our Role

It’s always a plus when you can work on a Tampa Bay area company project. Pirate Water Taxi at the time was a brand new company needing a website to go along with their new service launched for the Tampa Bay area. We were thrilled when they contracted us to help them. PWT gave us a lot of room to have fun and be creative all while trying to adhere to their vision. We developed a WordPress website that not only views well on phones and tablets, but also is easy to use and informative. The site has a custom made weather ticker along with a ticketing purchasing system. What may have seemed like a tough task to others was a challenge we gladly accepted.

The Layout

Velvet Ink Media - Pirate Water Taxi - Web Design
Velvet Ink Media - Pirate Water Taxi - Custom WordPress
Velvet Ink Media - Pirate Water Taxi - Custom WordPress


There is an excellent chance we can do what you are in need of. Just ask. We are not limited to what we feature on our website.
We have done projects as large as creating a custom CMS (content management system) to as small as creating
a simple and clean brochure package for an upstart business.